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Wednesday, 08 July 2015



Hello Darling. I've already found your account on the Instagram and I've fallen in love with it. I dreamed about being ballet dancer since I was a child, but there wasn't any ballet lessons in my town. Please, tell me, is it possible to start learn ballet when you are an adult? I'm 18 and I was thinking about taking ballet lessons when I'll go to the university in the capital. I've got the second question, too - the growth - is it the obstacle to dancing ballet? I've got 175 centimeters. Am I to high? Please, forgive my language mistakes, I'm from Poland and I still learn English.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh it most certainly is possible to learn ballet as an adult! You can enjoy ballet at any age at all. You won't be able to become a professional dancer, but ballet is about so much more than a profession. As a recreational dancer your height will not matter at all. The beauty of being a recreational dancer is that age, height or weight doesn't matter one single bit. It can be enjoyed by everyone. And your English is absolutely fine x


Thank you for your fast response. I feel very relieved and happy ;) I hope I'll make my ballet dreams come true. Thank you again and I hope you won't stop write this blog. ;)


Do you know where the t-shirts are manufactured?

Kingdom Of Style

I think they're printed in Canada but I don't know where the tees themselves are sourced from.


You look gorgeous here! And I love that shirt, excellent. Anti-You would be good, too.

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks very much Jessica!
Yeah the Anti You tee is fab. I think I need it for my more negative days!

Kingdom Of Style

Love it.
You look like a teenage Karen O!!!!

Queen Marie


This is the perfect tee! I love this brand they do great patches too, have adored my jacket with a few which was NO FUN at all, but looks great!!! ⚡️ Thanks, as ever, for such a great and individual blog! ⚡️


Or should that be adorned! 😁 doh!

Kingdom Of Style

Oh a young Karen O?! I'll take that as compliment x


I NEED both of those shirts.

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