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Monday, 06 July 2015



Love love love your summer-goth-style! This is why I'm reading KOS for many years now daily :)
And I get serious hair envy looking at your photos. The past nearly 2 years, I quit dying my hair black and bleached it back to my natural color, but now I'm itching for some dark locks again. Uagh... decisions decisions...

Kingdom Of Style

Maybe go dark brown rather than black? It's much easier to get out if you changed your mind. And perhaps just use a semi permanent and all you'll need a bleach bath to get it out again rather than full on bleach. Oh hair decisions are the worst!


Do you not sweat like a mo-fo in the plastic jumpsuit? You look great, though.

Hair-- HAIR DECISIONS ARE THE WORST. i've almost forgotten what my natural color is because since I started going gray I've been using progressively darker hair dyes. I've been almost black for several years now, and I'm sick of it. I want my natural mid-brown color back, but I can't put bleach on my hair because it's naturally curly and dry and will burn off!

Kingdom Of Style

I shot this at the weekend when it was pretty cold. Summer comes one day, then buggers off the next.
Dying your hair, or doing anything with your hair really, is just a world of hurt to be honest. I don't envy you trying to get black out though. I'd been toying with the idea of dying my hair black recently, but then I remember it's hellish trying to get it out again. I'm not saying I won't end up with black hair next week and immediately regret it of course.

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