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Friday, 10 July 2015



Congratulations! Are you going to get then in cotton as well?

Kingdom Of Style

I'd love to but the last cotton ones I got seemed decidedly bigger. It said to order the same size in cotton as satin but when I did the shoe was too wide, so I don't want to risk it again. Pity though as I way prefer the cotton ones.

Kingdom Of Style

Touch wood but it sounds like you really have created/found the perfect shoes.
I shall refrain from eye rolling until next weekend...

Queen Marie


They do look much better and way more flattering than the regular model, and if they perform better to boot, it seems you did indeed struck gold! Yay!

Kingdom Of Style

FINALLY, struck shoe gold!

Kingdom Of Style

Yes, keep your eyes in the forward position for the moment! x


Hooray! Though I know absolutely zilch about toe shoes, but I know you've been having lots of trouble with them.


how lucky you are !! I ask for modification at each order and last time they completely mess up, I order shorter vamp only and instead of doing 1cm shorter they did 1.7-2cm shorter depending on the pair (I ordered 3 pairs) and I cannot send them back as they are custom. Now I need to figure out how to lengthen vamps ! So be careful with your next order !
That said the shoes look great on you !

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