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Monday, 08 June 2015



Oh, that skirt! Perfect with the coat, too.

Kingdom Of Style

That whole outfit is pretty damm perfect and WOW
your hair looks like it has grown overnight.
Looks amazing....

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

And how good is Prince B getting at taking photos? He's suggesting all the locations lately and they've been perfect. Yeah the hair is getting a bit out of control again. I'm leaving it for a while yet though as it's not completely tangled yet xx

Kingdom Of Style

Beyond good!
His shots are stunning.
At this rate we will need to start calling him Prince DB ( David Bailey!!!!)



Shots are simply awesome. Bravo Prince DB!
Leather suits you so well.If looks could kill.....


Your collection of boots is such a thing of beauty <3

Queen Michelle

Thanks ladies, glad you like the outfit and Prince B's photos!

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