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Monday, 29 June 2015



Michelle you are such a babe. Looking amazing! And I love the dress, the lace up detail is just perfection.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh thanks very much. Grandma don't hear that very often!

Kingdom Of Style

I think it's pretty safe to say, we're all with Amanda on this one!
Grandma my arse....

Queen Marie


Agreed! If that's the grandma look, sign me up now.. :)

Kingdom Of Style

The Grandma look is the whole mess happening UNDER the clothing! Lol!


On one hand, it's good to hear how other people dress their imperfections and handle their body issues, on the other hand we have no right to complain since we didn't even have children.
Last weekend we ended up in some club and both guys that approached me were in their 20's. Of course, that's because you weren't there in THAT dress, with that hair and that smile.




Hello there Michelle!

I live in Seattle and have been reading this blog religiously (daily) ever since I first discovered it (about 7 years ago)! I've loved watching as your style has evolved and changed and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts the whole process. I'm turning 35 in just a few days and am just starting to glimpse the direction my body is going as aging becomes more obvious.

I've always kinda looked up to you as a role model (strange I know, given that I only "know" you via your blog!). One reason I've stuck with KOS over the years is the pull no punches, no bullshit attitude you and Marie bring to fashion blogging. I love that you share raw feelings mixed up in everything else! That said, the frequency and type of your body comments is really starting to bum me out. I want to honor your perspective... it's just so sad! And as the comments above note, you still look so insanely fabulous! Reading the negative body comments is just... very strange. Plus I mean, I can't even order from Nasty Gal in the first place due to sizing... so if you feel so ugly, what does that say about me?

KOS has been a real bright spot in my online life for many years now and I just want to find a loving way to say, "GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS MICHELLE! We're all always getting old and our bodies are always changing and we'll just have to adapt just like we always have. Faith: Stone cold foxiness will out no matter what is going on biologically!!!! I am very sorry you are so bummed about getting older though.

Umm, yes. With many, many, many, many regards,

p.s. I wish I had written you a proper fan letter earlier so this wouldn't be my first hello. ;/


CONGRATS ON THE GIG!!! And you look fab as ever. All best


I know it's not for me to say, but I think you said that in a very loving way Lucy!


Just realized I could have emailed privately instead of posting in the comments and now I can't take it down! Boo. I very rarely comment on anything ever and the etiquette eluded me. So sorry for writing publicly Queen Michelle!

Kingdom Of Style

You're reading waaaaay too much into it! Most women decide what they show and what they hide. It's just the way women tend to dress. It's perfectly natural and I'm no different. So I think you're over thinking it a bit.

I have never, at any point, said I felt ugly. Do I like the changes my body is experiencing as I reach my mid 40's? Hell no, and anyone who says they do are liars, but as you can see, it doesn't stop me wearing cute dresses. I simply modify the way I wear them.

I also very rarely talk about the changes in my body due to age, it's actually the changes in my body due to ballet I dislike as it's made finding clothes actually very difficult as I am now no longer able to fit standard sizes: what fits my calves is too big on the waist, what fits my waist is too small across and my back, what fits my shoulders doesn't fit anywhere else at all! Most dancers experience the same issues. My body has a propensity to bulk up when I exercise - I don't get long lean muscle but rather bulky muscle - Is it annoying I can no longer fit into my most beautiful clothing? Fuck yeah! But I love ballet more.

Fact is, we all moan about bodies so I wouldn't think too much into it. Some days you feel great, some days you don't. Would I like smaller calves and my small waist back? Yeah obviously, but if that meant giving up dancing then it's no contest.

Kingdom Of Style

Cheers Dana. It's great to have the security of a full time job again!

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