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Monday, 11 May 2015



You should really not worry about pleasing your audience - I'm certain that by now, we all come because we enjoy it :).
That being said, this outfit might be my favourite of yours ever <3. I love it simple (some would say boring, but I strongly disagree!), and this is just perfect in that way - simple with a twist. It would look fab with a pair of brogues as well, but you look so casually cool in those sneakers.
(Also, being good old unemployed self, I totally should not ask, but - where is that amazing shirt from?)

Kingdom Of Style

It's from Front Row Shop. Yeah it's a very simple outfit since I was on my way to run errands - how glamourous!


Love that your blog mixes up style so well, such a refreshing change from others. Personally I love the not so 'basic' rock/ metal attire - it's the best, I'm with you on that! But I'm feeling this shirt has a little of a Clash cord anyways, you can take the gal from the rock but you can't take the rock from the girl??? Err ... Or something like that!! 💫

Kingdom Of Style

Oh I like the Clash reference. That's actually much better than prison attire!


ditto the above comments. I don't think you need to entertain anyone. You're both awesome the way you are - and it's really refreshing to see a blog that doesn't pander to the usual droning cycle of trends, brands etc etc. I've followed your blog since 2008 or something, and it's literally the only one from all those big fash blogs that were popping up around then, that I still follow.


"I think you're freaky and I like you a lot...."

Die Antwoord, or The Answer on English


Ditto to all the above. We visit because we love your style. Not many compare to
You which is why I keep coming back. I love metal Michelle and anyone else you choose to be. You do keep me constantly inspired


Like Mimi said, this is the only style-related blog I've kept coming back to for the last six or so years, and that's cos I like what you do, for real and for you! Love those metally outfits, and if that's what you're wearing, that's what you're wearing :)

Kingdom Of Style

That's great to hear because the next couple might actually both be metal Michelle!


I'm not a regular here but I love this look nonetheless<3



Thank you, I totally did not go check it out; I repeat, I did not...;)

Kingdom Of Style

you soooooooo did hehehe! :D


I love the metal/rock outfits myself, I say continue. That shirt is indeed super.


I have to agree, KOS is the first fashion blog i discovered (around 2007/2008?)and I still read it every week - because both of you have an interesting, strong style and especially you my Queen are endlessly inspiring - in which ever fashion phase you might be in at the moment.
I love your adventurous outfits, but i live and breathe for you rock-star-metal posts... more more more please, never stop :)

Kingdom Of Style

It's official then - METAL IS GO! \m/


I love your rock/metal outfits and they are the reason why I check in here! They inspire me so much! And today I've got something inspiring to share with you ;) Tonight I'm going to see Nick Cave and his solo show. Oh, happy day! :)

Kingdom Of Style

Oh Nick Cave is wonderful live. I saw him in the 80's and it was fantastic. You'll love it!

Bike Pretty

I agree! I think I started reading KoS around 2008 as well. I've always appreciated how QM mixes it up.


Hear, hear! To all of the above. And the sentiment on the shirt is right on.


I'm late to the party but who are these crazy readers who aren't keen on your rock/metal outfits??!!! I've been reading your blog since 2008 and though your style is quite different from mine, yours is one of the few blogs out of the many I used to read back then that I still visit. I love your sincere, creative, fearless and authentic approach to style; your looks always seem to be completely your own and not at all contrived like so much of what I see on other blogs. I find that incredibly inspiring, especially as back when I started reading KoS I was wrestling with how to transition my style as I got older and felt more pressure to dress "age appropriately" (shudder). Your posts helped me realize what utter BS that was and reassured me that there was still a place for fun, adventure and rock n' roll style after 30, and for that I'm very grateful!

Kingdom Of Style

Yemi I thank you so much for such encouragement. You get that often when you've been blogging as long as we have so it's lovely to hear it.
Ew "age appropriate" I hate those two words together! It makes me want to be even more outlandish and age inappropriate!

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