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Tuesday, 05 May 2015



This is incredible. I wonder what the animals think of the sculptures.


I see it and still not believe it. How does it look from airplane?


This farm is 10 minutes from my house. You can see a lot of the sculptures from the road as you drive past. They are all HUGE.


That is cool. But I don't know if it can compete with that perfectly formed pine tree that's photobombing all the pics!


Wow this is so interesting and inspiring!


It's a Norfolk Pine. They all look like that! 😉

Kingdom Of Style

Steff the cows all look quite relaxed about it and Dust I wish I knew what they looked like from the air. Must try to find a shot.
Wow Nadine - how lucky you are. I would love to see them all.
AnneMarie - hahaha I can't believe I never noticed that photobombing Pine!

Queen Marie

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