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Monday, 18 May 2015


Sally McGraw

Hurrah! HUGE congrats, QM, and a happy, happy belated birthday to ya.




If we make a black skirt for a shop, we'll have to call it Lucky, although I'm sure that you deserved the honours completely and that there was minimum luck involved.


Yay! Congratulations, how wonderful!


Hurray! Excellent, well done you!


Congratulations! I absolutely LOVE your exam skirt . .

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks so much everyone! I'm still thrilled about it even now!

Kingdom Of Style

The skirt is stunning. I just wish we could sell them in the shop but the fabric is really expensive to buy sadly, so we'd need to charge more than people would pay.


Well done you!!!!! Total star! And the skirt does look lovely-it does help to feel like you look good in ballet and especially in an exam.

Queen Michelle

Oh yeah it totally helps to feel happy and comfortable in an exam. I was also chuffed because my boobs have gotten a little smaller which allowed me to wear a leotard I used to spill out of.


I'm so happy for you so huge congrats (belatedly!)

I think you've said in the past that you'd like to teach adult dance - is that right? How do you feel about how long it may take for you to get to the stage of teaching (I have no idea how long that might be...) and the kind of mental and practical investment needed along the way, working the day job etc?

I ask because I'm really looking at doing yoga teacher training, and the thing that daunts me most is the sense of how long everything takes... for a lot of teachers I know, they did an intense monthlong somewhere sunny after they came out of uni, but I'm 32, have to pay the bills of life etc... I'd have to do something much slower to balance work and so on.

I hope that makes some sense!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah ideally I'd like to end up teaching adults. It'd take a great many more years of dancing though before I'd be at that stage - like 10 years or so. It's tricky though as I learn both BATD and RAD but sit exams in only BATD, which isn't the usual syllabus for recreational dancers. Only RAD certified dancers can teach RAD. So it's probably not possible to teach at all, in reality.

Adult Beginner

Honours would make a great name for a skirt too. I'm excited for some future day when you are teaching ballet for adults, what great insight into the mind of the adult student you will have.

Kingdom Of Style

I would just love to teach adult dancers. I'd love to be able to tell them they CAN do all the things they are told they can't. It'd be really rewarding. One day!

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