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Thursday, 28 May 2015



Gorgeous. I've been wearing cropped black flares and knee-highs with skirts this year quite a lot already. My version of Marni-look is much less girly,but that's the thing with Marni, it's great for inspiration and interpretation. For that reason I stopped noticing the fur and snakeskin, since it's highly unlikely that I will get the chance to buy anything from this brand, let alone boycott it. Kinda like turning the blind eye toward some things, because the rest of them bring me so much joy and inspiration.


This is really rather good! I wouldn't usually think of Marni. The trans-seasonal, moodboard catwalk-autonomy stuff is rather a turn-off for me personally, but I sure do like the clothes!


Exquisite! The colours, prints, and shapes are all perfect. I had to save this one for when I had time to come back and look slowly. Like Dust, I admit I find it easy to let my eye slide over the fur and snakeskin, as being irrelevant.

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