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Wednesday, 06 May 2015



Nice outfit and very nice lens, good focus choice!

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks for your comment, Ferea x


You look beautiful, and about 16 years old.

Kingdom Of Style

How nice to hear this Kimberley. Only today I was bemoaning the fact I feel like I look every second of my age!

Kingdom Of Style

Oh wow, what wonderful shots.
Your skin looks flawless here and how lovely to see all that fresh greenery.
Hooray to Prince B for perfect present!

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

I can hardly believe it only cost £100! It got rave reviews though. It's honestly such a great wee lens. It's actually made me really enjoy my camera now. I want to take photos of everything!

Kingdom Of Style

What a great bargain.
Oh that is such a result. You had just never really been happy with the results before.
You will be a total little shutterbug now!!!



I love everything about this outfit. Those rings!

Kingdom Of Style

Aw thank you Jessica! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated x


As I said on Instagram-these shots are nice. Love the colours-beautiful. And excellent lens. I'd put away all my furry coats and am regretting. It sodding hailed today.

Kingdom Of Style

I mean hail in May - what's going on?!


So, so wrong.

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