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Tuesday, 26 May 2015



Simple maybe, but when it comes down to it nothing can really beat variations on this outfit. I like the black and white nails and those sandals are excellent.

Kingdom Of Style

I think it's just you and I that feel that way!

Kingdom Of Style

Sons of Anarchy tastic!
Your sandals look amazing on.
I don't think I have ever painted my toenails black! Might give that a bash at weekend...

Queen Marie


Great to see those sandals out at last. Fab look as ever. X

Kingdom Of Style

Oh I highly recommend black toenails! Mine are nearly only ever black or red, occasionally white.

Kingdom Of Style

I got to wear them for a single day. Then it was too cold again. Harrumph.


Love the sandals! They are on sale so I plan to pick them up. Did you find them true to size? I usually wear 38.5 (8.5 US). Should I size up or down?

Kingdom Of Style

Oh you found them on sale? How wonderful! They are true to size. I'm a 5 and they fit perfectly. There is a little room at the toe but I'm not sure it's half a size worth.


Sandals are looking great-even better on and that vintage leather...I still default back to black jeans and leather jacket. Mine are Judi Rosen and high waisted worn with a white painted cropped leather jacket.


Super cool look. Never would have thought of it with sandals, but it rocks \m/

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