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Thursday, 23 April 2015



I loove the white knit leggings. I'm sure this counts as summer wear, if not in Scotland, then in my Danish village homestead! So probably Scotland, too... A shame the french don't seem to know it. On a side note, I think those white runners are my current perfect shoe. I'm even sure-r that I've seen them before and thought them horrid. Things change! Anyone who knows who makes them??? (My current shoes are my mum's runners from 1990 - correct i.d. would serve a good cause!)


(One less vaguely malodorous, homeless-y looking student is a good cause, right?)


These clothes and the whole aesthetic are beautiful to me. Women who look comfortable in their bodies and in their clothes are sexy. It has been ever thus. That's why Kate Moss in the 1990s photos is sexier than current Kate Moss in skinny leather pants-- it's absolutely not because of her age.


(the bucket hat in the metallic dungarees is SOOO 90s!!)

Kingdom Of Style

Kat - Hahaha our summer only lasts for a week. Sorry don't know who makes them, will have prowl around and see if I can find out.

AnneMarie - Couldn't agree with you more. For some reason the hat is making me think Rifat Ozbek back in the day!

Queen Marie


Ooooooooooooh the black cotton coat! The metallic dungarees! Both have my heart though (sadly) I know which one would get the more wear if I had 'em... Oh to be twenty, braver than I was then, and to be sure that you wouldn't sit down in anything icky! Though they do look sort of wipe-clean...


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