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Monday, 20 April 2015



Lookin good, Granny! If about sixteen ;)

Kingdom Of Style

Grandma thanks you!

Kingdom Of Style

Wow these shots are so atmospheric.
Love them.
And Jessica is right, you look so young and so insouciant here!
Queen Marie

Queen Michelle

It was a good lighting day! x


From one granny to another : as long as we don't need to cover our heads with paper bags, we are young. Also, side swept asymmetric fringe looks very perky on you.

Kingdom Of Style

Ah you see my asymmetric fringe was cut so that it would grow into a side swept fringe, which I think will make the growing out process a bit less awful. It seems to be working rather well so far.


Keep it up. Looks awesome on you as ever. Praise be for the t shirt and jeans staple. It's mine too and I need more flair and inspiration from you. ( don't mean to sound like a stalker)

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