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Friday, 03 April 2015



Indeed, Misty can accommodate a sizable bum, but can at the same time give some perk to the bony bums. We, ourselves, don't get it how and why, it just does.
Flowers from new edition are going to look awesome with your new tattoo.


I'm not a ballerina by any stretch of the imagination - but I think some of the shorts would be amazing for my wardrobe in general once we get a bit more sun!


Love the first and the last one - blue velvet is my favourite fabric!
Don't tell me about, weather has been just as crazy in Switzerland..

xx Cheyenne

Kingdom Of Style

Oh yeah you could definitely wear the shorts just as day wear since they aren't sheer at all.


I love the big crystal earrings in the first outfit, they go perfectly with the lilac skirt. The blue velvet is nice too. I agree, there is something very appealing about these flat-lays, they remind me of playing paper dolls.


Can't wait for my skirt to come. You've inspired me to break out of my all black ballet garb, so thank you ladies. You may even persuade me to print (wonders never cease-I never thought I'd be doing sodding ballet, never mind a leotard etc etc).

Kingdom Of Style

I can scarely believe we've managed to tempt you away from black. I could give you a big hug right now!
I'm certain I can get you into prints. I'm going to make you love prints!

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