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Monday, 27 April 2015



they look really pretty! defo getting the ditsy one!

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you for your support, Mimi. It's hugely appreciated x


So pretty! The Ditzy also takes me back to the 90s - I'm certain me or my sister had something in a brushed cotton in that pattern...


hehe, heavy petal.... brilliant title!


Lovely! Now, I'm wondering, are you going to do any patterned tops this spring? I could imagine a tropical Odette... Also most curious to see what the dress will be like.

Kingdom Of Style

It's hard enough getting adult dancers to wear anything that isn't black, so I fear printed tops would be a bridge too far for most. These skirts are going to be a hard sell as it is, unless we can get young dancers to the shop instead. Most adult dancers play it very safe sadly.


Ah, you can see I'm not a dancer! Good luck with the skirts, maybe you will surprise some adult dancers and they will be delighted!

Kyly Sheldon

Absolutely STUNNING.

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you so much for your comment Kyly. Glad you appreciate our pretty florals.

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