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Wednesday, 08 April 2015



I love the shoes! you don't wear many heels these days - are these comfy?

Kingdom Of Style

Oh these are sooooo comfy.
Yeah I've not really been wearing heels that often these days. I'm rediscovering them again though.
Heels with muscled calves look quite odd though, so I'm finding I feel, somewhat oddly, quite masculine when I wear heels and skirts so I've not been doing that and just sticking to trousers or jeans.


Those shoes are just awesome!

xx Cheyenne

Kingdom Of Style

Total success.
No 'mom' vibe at all.
The jeans would need to be elasticated at the back before there was nay danger of that.
Your tattoo looks amazing. Hope the swelling has gone down!



That tattoo though......
And yes-you fully pull off mum jeans (refuse to say "mom"). Love the simplicity of your outfit. I find the older I get, the more satisfaction the basics/pared downness give me.

Kingdom Of Style

Swelling has gone down thankfully but it's itchy as hell. It's flaking so much it actually looks hairy!

Kingdom Of Style

I'm not fully into into simplicity but I don't hate it either. It totally has its place.


Love the placement of the new tattoo!


Oh you look fabulous, I love this!!


Those shoes are fab, do you have a link to the seller?

Kingdom Of Style

Oh sorry Anna I can't remember, it was so long ago.


Thumbs up for the Mum jeans!

Kingdom Of Style

Mum jeans are go!

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