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Friday, 10 April 2015



Scotland and work of a Scotsmen looks stunning. Your nature has a totally different feeling for a scale of the things.

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah Scotland really is very different to most places. Our landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. Scotland is still very wild.


oh the castle looks breathtaking! i miss scotland so much


Gorgeous! Your pictures are fabulous and the mist is suitably atmospheric. I haven't been to Scotland since early 2006 when I was pregnant with my first child and went to visit my brother who was at the Glasgow School of Art. When I was a child we were up there quite a bit (my Grandfather grew up in Grennock and we had plenty of family to visit in the area as he was the second of eleven children). Anyway, it's been way too long! My husband is a Roman historian, I'm hoping that one of these days we'll manage to wrangle a research-allowance-funded trip!



Kingdom Of Style

I'm thrilled you appreciate my photo diary!
Ah Greenock, I'm originally from just a few miles away from there, along the same coast. I've only been to Greenock once though, to get the ferry to Arran.


Beautiful photos! Having spent many weekends going between edinburgh and Aberdeen in my uni days du otter castle was always my favourite part of the journey, I love how close the tracks got to the coast, you could peer over at the sea lapping he cliffs, you're making me all nostalgic!


*dunnottar! iPhones really don't like scottlish place names!

Kingdom Of Style

That whole coastline is beautiful. It's so wild and untouched.

Kingdom Of Style

Wow! what wonderful wonderful shots (and that's even before you figured out the manual settings)
Is that a wee lamb or a dog in the the first Battery shot?
Who knew rusty chains could be so visually appealing or that I could feel so sorry for a foghorn!

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah it was a wee dog who belonged to a man who was running through the battery carrying big hand-weights, a huge back pack on and dragging a massive tyre behind him on a rope!


Fantastic pictures. I really need to visit Scotland.

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