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Monday, 13 April 2015



Ahh, I have just got back in to wearing all black again too. I haven't done so for more than a day or two every now and then, since highschool (when it was all black, all the time). I'm quite excited! Of course once my Danseuse pieces get here, I will have to branch out again 😉 (if I haven't already by then)

Kingdom Of Style

Lovely lovely shots.
Looks like you totally mastered the manual settings.
Love that typeface too, fabulous flourishes!

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you, you two for appreciating my efforts! xx


You look great! Black is my favourite! xxx


The photos look great! And welcome to my world of actually having calves. Will have to look into these jeans - I miss wearing black skinnies!

Kingdom Of Style

It's truly a pain having calves! I had no idea it would make buying simple things like trousers so difficult. Definitely check these out.
They are also quite generously sized. These are a size 26, which I most certainly am not in anything else!

Jessica (the same one, again)

I came back as it told me my previous comment had not been posted, but now find I have more to add. First, I feel your pain with the calves, mine have grown in the past couple of years for reasons far less romantic than ballet: pushing a full buggy up, and reigning it down, a steep hill every day, plus lugging buggy, baby, & load up + down three floors of stairs. However, it does keep the upper arms pretty happy. Also, I do like your boots. They look rather like they are made of disparate fronts and backs, but in a good way.


Lovely to see. I have just almost started to revert to type, jeans, tee, etc etc after realising I look like fancy dress trying to dress like a mod.. More inspiration for the over 40's please.. Love it.


I'm very late to comment, but happy to be back online.
I'm also happy that you have found your "home" , which I feel for you is black skinny jeans. It sucks being "homeless"!


Don't give up ballet!
Funny thing is I'm the opposite. Two years ago I was doing a lot of hiking and it built up my calves. I really liked it. I couldn't go as much last year and I lost muscle tone. I miss my calves.
Of course as always you look great.

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