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Monday, 23 March 2015



Hey denim twin! (I went down the obvious route...)
How nice was it to see the sun?

Kingdom Of Style

It wasn't just nice, it was AMAZING! I don't think people fully appreciate just how much rain we get here in Glasgow!


You are doing a fantastic job of being completely non-referential with those jeans. I'm not bored yet ;-)
That coat always makes me miss a great shepherd's goat hair waistcoat that I used to own, but which unfortunately had to be abandoned once the moths had found it... Maybe one day I shall find a replacement. Like most of my clothes it was 2nd‚úč, I found it on my way out the door, already having paid, at a jumble sale; the lady had "you want that?!" written all over her face; she said "just give me 20p".


Oh my goodness, spring! We still have a foot of snow, unfortunately.. Lovely to see your photos of sunlight & flowers. Suddenly Scotland's very appealing!

Kingdom Of Style

Moths are my arch enemy. They have ruined more of my clothes than I care to remember.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh there really isn't anywhere quite like Scotland in the sunshine. It's just beautiful. Sadly, it's not too often we see the big shiny thing in the sky!


Love that color combination black-white-blue, always looks crisp and new, even when you wear old stuff.
Duck seems to be totally matching your outfit.

Kingdom Of Style

What wonderful shots.
Looks like the most perfect way to spend a Saturday.
Took me ages to figure out the 4th shot down was an old lamp post!



Oh, it's an old lamp post! I though it was just something .... old.....
Thanks Marie!


Great outfit. I'm frantically searching for a pair of jeans that are similar. You have also inspired me to try socks with sandals again.


This post reminds me how beautiful it can be to take ones lazy ass out of the apartment and go see nice places in the city one lives in. Thanks!

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