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Monday, 16 March 2015



personally, i find bloggers who wear new clothes every day insipid. combning new and old (or old and old) requires more creativity and is infinitely more interesting.


Hmm, I might copy this outfit today. Have a green bomber and black jumpsuit as well, but the weather hadn't given me the chance to pair them yet, until now.


Only if you wear it black sheriff tie and crazy knitted beanie, otherwise it doesn't count!


Oh look I swallowed "with" !!! We love our traditional way of correspondence: you making sense and having full command of your language and me eating away words. It might be one useless tradition, but it's ours! Yay!

Who made that crazy beanie and what was the person who made it drinking?

I a huge fan of your outfit posts and new combinations of the old are the most useful! As someone who is perpetually low on cash, and always inspired by your ideas, I say keep them coming please!


I too love the new combinations of old items most. Otherwise, one could just as well look at some online shop, there's not much personal about a constant stream of new stuff. The hat is brilliant.

Kingdom Of Style

The beanie was made by Barry's nephew's girlfriend. She crocheted it all my hand. I'm going to ask her to make me a black one.


Ha, my brain knows you too well and fills in the blanks with our me even noticing! I like the tradition just the same.

No luck on the tie and beanie. I only just bought my first beanie (or 'toque') this year, and I only wore it twice. Thankfully it's too warm for it now.


I love this outfit. But generally in general you always inspire me.
I've been working far too much and just don't have time to wear new outfits, so at least I look at yours.


I actually much prefer to see blogger re-wear items as it's always inspiring to see how people re-purpose old favourites. Much prefered than bloggers who never seem to wear the same thing twice!

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