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Tuesday, 31 March 2015



I do feel a bit sorry that these were all cut flowers. I can't stop thinking that they are dying but still looking so glorious.
It is amazing to see Raf looking at each piece from the collection with such focus.


Thanks for the film recommendation, it does sound quite wonderful. The flowers are indeed a stunning sight, but I agree with Dust that it is impossible not to think of the transience of the arrangement.

Kingdom Of Style

You are both so right. I rarely have cut flowers in the house for that very reason but I was so
overwhelmed by the beauty and scale of these arrangements...



You lucky one - having been able to watch the movie already! The website says it will show in Germany Juli 9th. Hopefully it will be shown in my city because I am dying to watch it.

And is it not part of the beauty of the flower arrangement that it is passing? Imagine the arrangement with permanent flowers ... the whole magic would be lost. Call me heartless: but I personally can endure the thought of cut flowers if it creates such overwhelming beauty. This is pure luxury - beauty created for just one perfect moment. And I need this feeling - at least once in a while.

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