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Monday, 02 March 2015



Here is foul and cold and I haven't taken my hat off. My outfits of late consist of ballet/pilates/yoga or school run in hideous weather or (only about 10%) some sort of more glamourous exciting getup. People do not recognise my personas as just the one me. Neither do I when I glance down and I wearing some sort of technical jacket to wick away the bitching South Yorkshire rain. Gah.

I like the shorts/leotard above-gorgeous colours. It is a pleasure to dress for ballet. I have rather a growing collection of leotards and Lycra and wafty bits. Still in love with all of Danseuse. How is it all going?

Kingdom Of Style

I'm not even 10% now. I did get to wear 'proper' clothes last week when I was freelancing at an agency but it's back to said jogging bottoms today.
Danseuse is going well. It's slow and steady with people buying multiple things at a time, which is awesome. It's hard to keep momentum going with a shop because you don't update the stock regularly, obviously. But I'm so passionate about the pieces I never get tired finding new ways to feature them or write about them.


As fresh as early spring, as springy as pirouette!

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