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Monday, 09 March 2015



That 18-year old outfit sounds just incredible, pictures please! Once again this outfit proves you have the capability to pull anything off, those jeans certainly wouldn't be easy for most people to wear yet this outfit is pretty incredible on you.
Also, your hair looks super long again now, I'm jealous!xx


I like your jacket! I had one in just that shape but in a print, multicolour paisley with salmon pink and metallic gold bits, when I was about ten. How I loved it!


Oh, and I meant to say, flattery is definitely not always what one looks for in an outfit, awkward can sometimes definitely be more fun. But I'm afraid to say you look pretty great nonetheless.


I was fitting that jeans recently, thinking the same: awkward, but good. There was something in sizing that was more odd than shape. I liked that they are made of good oldfashion not stretchy denim.
My sexy&tight period came later, at 16-18 I wore menswear. Today too revealing clothes make me feel old for some reason, like cleavage and short lengths, so awkward, interesting and unusual, with great sense of humor, is the weapon of choice, especially when standing next to Birdeater in that tiny Lucite dress that you sent her.

Kingdom Of Style

I won't lie Hannah, it was HARD getting a decent photo of them when standing still. They look more flattering in motion. Standing still make you look like you have legs like actual tree trunks!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah I think they are sized really small as these are a 12 and they are still pretty tight across my bum

Kingdom Of Style

Awkward is always more fun!


Awkward or no-this is my favourite outfit on you so far this year. I think it's super flattering/timeless/very stylish. I love jeans when they're actually a statement in themselves and not just boring old jeans. You suddenly remember them as a fashion garment and their roots of rebellion and hard workingness and biker cool and all that freedom of the 70s. Perfect that I'm reading this on what feels like the first day of spring (actual warmth in our Yorkshire air).


I love this Michelle, I need that jacket. My other half has one and is dubious about me getting one as we will look too matchy matchy. You look ready for a night at Wigan casino.

Kingdom Of Style

Funnily enough Prince B says exactly the same thing! He was a soul boy in the late 70's/early 80's and told me soul boys wore jeans like this. He loves them for that very reason!


Gah! Love this. I tracked down these jeans too late. They're sold out. Once again you nail it.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh no have they sold out now?? They'll doubtless have them restocked.

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