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Monday, 19 January 2015



Love this outfit and of course The Shoes! X

Kingdom Of Style

Well if I was going to buy one last thing before losing my income, I am glad it was The Shoes. Going out with a bang! x


Absolutely!! I like your attitude! X


The Shoes indeed. Lovely navy color of the suit, kinda bright, combines well with other colors and black. We are expecting snow tomorrow but I doubt that I'll have the courage to welcome it in short skirt, I'm not as brave as you are.


Excellent! Those shoes look good enough to make up for a lot. Splendid outfit.


wonderful collection! i love your bag!

Kingdom Of Style

If you want more snow, just come up to mine. We've still got heaps of it.
Hooray for the shoes but even these lovely shots don't do them justice.
In real life, they are perhaps the most fabulous shoes I have seen for a very very very long time.
The colour of the leather and the shiny gold bar . Oh Lordy they are heavenly....

Queen Marie


Sorry about the redundancy (lay off in Americanese). But those shoes are fantastic.

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