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Monday, 12 January 2015



great body!


This leotard looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours and I too am a sucker for velvet. Hope the shoes hold out....

Kingdom Of Style

The shoes are holding out well so far. Wore them to class on Monday there and they seemed fine. Infact, they are so perfect in terms of fit I actually ordered a new pair. I think I have anyway! I say that because the shoes had no model identifiers so I didn't know what they were. I phoned Sansha who think they could be their Recital model, so that's what I bought. I'll soon find out when they arrive.

Oh have you seen the new Yumiko catalogue? So many lovely new colours! I just need a new job so I can get some new colours.


I need that leotard! <3
I'm a pointe shoe fitter and official grishko stockist from England by the way :) I also run a ballet blog and youtube channel

Queen Michelle

Hey Leanne I've been on your site lots! I've a few of your YouTube reviews too

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