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Tuesday, 02 December 2014


Kingdom Of Style

To be fair, the Whistles one is stunning. But very expensive.
I think Whistles are slowly trying to reposition themselves into being a more upmarket brand, almost like Joseph. Their prices have been gradually increasing.


Ooh, ooh! That looks great, I'm going to save that til I get home and watch it properly. The Whistles dress is clearly the better dress... but you're right. That price difference certainly means that one is on the 'can have' and one in the 'can't really have' category. Sigh.



The cruelty of capitalism :(

I agree the crazy expensive dress is gorgeous but the other one is really pretty too. The pricey dress makes me think of Ovate, maybe they have something similar?


Jesus, since when was Whistles so expensive? Of course, they raise their prices in order to raise their profile (like Victoria Beckham's 20k bags, which cause everyone to forget the head-to-toe Burberry and fake tan outfits of yore). Fuck that shit! Buy a few yards of silk and have a dress maker make a copy for you. It looks like the easiest pattern in the world to copy.

I've never seen that film-- going to make a cup of tea right now...

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