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Monday, 08 December 2014



I hope Yodel thinks the same...

Kingdom Of Style

Yodel better think the same or they'll be in trouble! I tracked it and it isn't with the courier yet, but still says it'll be delivered today. I'm sceptical.


Fingers crossed!


Normally I'd hate to say I told ya so but not this time! That's the massive benefit of seeing a proper physio used to dealing with impatient dancers and sports peeps.

Glad you're on the mend, just make sure you do every exercise they tell you so you can ensure it doesn't happen again x

Kingdom Of Style

She's great. She couldn't help when I tore my hamstring a few years ago, but she was really excellent this time. It's made all the difference! x


That's excellent - wow to the physio and I bet you're glad to get back to class. And bloody sodding boo to Yodel. I hate when delivery companies go bad, especially with an important delivery like this...


Hope you get a sure but steady recovery.

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