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Monday, 03 November 2014


Kingdom Of Style

Ah yes I remember The Quest as though it were only yesterday.
That girl Ruby was right, you are rocking the blue denim! and 4D???!!!!
I too doff my cap (non denim) to Prince B.
Looking splendid Sir!

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

4D - taking it to the next level.

Kingdom Of Style

Forget next level - I'm thinking next dimension.
The fourth dimension of denim
4DD if you will....

Kingdom Of Style

ps - I'm loving these shots. The leaves look glorious

Kingdom Of Style

That's some Matrix shit right there!


Ah, was planning on wearing my ArtLab coat today as well. I welcome fall just for that.

Kingdom Of Style

Unfortunately our weather just turned too cold as of today to wear mine again until spring.


I think Prince B is wearing 5D, because girlfriend looking smashing in blue jeans is the ultimate accessory! Second best being Snoopy, off course.

Is Prince B wearing a Wrangler denim jacket?...Right up there with Lee jackets too! :)

Kingdom Of Style

Oh yes, Prince B will only wear vintage Wrangler denim jackets. This is a 60's one and the perfect shape.

becky :: accooohtrements

you 2 are basically the coolest couple of all time.

Kingdom Of Style

Ah thanks lovely xx


quadruple denim, i love it!
im already wondering if i could make that happen with the denim stuff i have in my wardrobe..

i do always have issues with my denim too, so much so that i once bought the same pair 3 times because i was happy with its fit, doh!

Bike Pretty

I love it when Prince B graces the blog. On the other side of the lens.

This might be his best appearance yet. 4D really suits him. Which is miraculous, really.

I am sooooo curious about these jeans. I have also given up on blue denim...

Kingdom Of Style

He HATES getting his photo taken so it's not easy getting him this side of the lens! But when 4D is involved I had to get a photo.
Yeah I highly recommend these jeans. They fit in a way I have never seen in other jeans and I just adore them. My calf muscles are happy!

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