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Friday, 24 October 2014



Yes, they are amazing. A store sells them here in Seattle, but I'm afraid to check it out. I find Marni makes a pretty good shoe, just wait for sales.


Be still my beating heart! Why oh why did you have to show these to me Queen Michelle? They are absolute beauties! I have been going on a wild goose chase in my mind trying to rationalise to myself how I could ever afford these divine shoes but alas, Im coming up short :(
I've been having a hunt to see if I can find them stocked anywhere else on the internet but I haven't had any luck, have you seen these bad boys anywhere else on the web?

Kingdom Of Style

This colour is only available from Marni or Totokaelo. They are just the most beautiful brogues I've ever seen. Sigh.


Sigh indeed. My heart yearns for them but alas they are never to be mine...


I love seeing how your style has evolved over the (many) years I have been following you guys, it shows how much you style has changes as I was sure that this would be a post by Marie!

Kingdom Of Style

Marie does love Marni but would never wear brogues in a million years! She's a trainers or sparkly shoe kinda gal.

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