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Monday, 06 October 2014



I simply love this, although my fall craves are somewhat different: pleated skirts (give me that tartan!) and all things navy.
I am also - here comes the dreaded blog-o-speak - so envious that you can make these dungarees work on you without looking like a miniature barrel in a tablecloth - which is basically how I look in almost all of them, despite the fact that I am otherwise a decent 1,70 tall. Ah well, you can't have it all...:)

Kingdom Of Style

And I totally agree with you about tartan skirts and navy. Both are autumn related for me too.
Regarding dungarees - I looked like that in blue ones and I'm only an inch or two taller than you. Have you tried black ones? I think there is a pair out there for you, I'm convinced of it!


Since I have different, more forgiving opinion about dungarees, I'm not going to comment on them, but just add aaaaahh on the topic of the shoes. Aaaah ah. Lovely.

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah the shoes are just lovely. Need them resoled already though. Pesky leather sole!

Kingdom Of Style

I love your dungarees.
We call them "dunghinges" in my family.
No idea why!!!!

Queen Marie


cos you are strange family? in best possible way, of course...


I have white overalls (American-speak), but looking at you maybe I need black too. Love the shoes.

Kingdom Of Style

Dunghinges as in dung-hinges? How odd!

Kingdom Of Style

strange and odd - yup, that about sums us up.


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