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Saturday, 20 September 2014



It looks very cute, bit 70's.

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah it's a little like a 60's swimsuit!

nicola lynde

Pretty much exactly how I feel about mine, love the long body but wish it came with a better bust panel. A woman in my class has the wendy with 3/4 sleeves and I adore it. Seeing her in it makes me really want to order another one.

Kingdom Of Style

I do love them with sleeves but I'd die a death as it'd be too warm for me. They are addictive though because you can almost build your own. My next should hopefully arrive at the end of October.


oh it's lovely! i love the colours! great to read your review and i'm glad you're happy with it. i just ordered my first yumiko a week ago (marieke in reds), but i ordered it in large even though i usually wear medium because i once tried a medium and it was TINY, but now i'm freaking out and worry it's going to be too loose. first world problems...

Kingdom Of Style

Anja, are you a true medium or a small medium? I'm a small medium and can fit size small leotards (deeply unflattering but I can fit into them). These leos do run small in my opinion, so if you're a true medium then sizing up was a good choice. It'll be awesome.

Reds is a great choice. I was thinking about doing one in reds too but opted for the plum instead. My next one is pale shades but maybe reds would be nice for the festive season!


i'm a true medium, so i guess it should be fine then. phew! i opted for china doll with dark red velved trim, with half sleeves, and can't wait to see how it turns out. antique rose and plum that you chose were my top choices too, but since i already have a plum one and a pale pink one, and could never find a red i like, it was a no-brainer. i like cactus too. so many pretty colours... i'm already dreaming up my next one, haha!

Kingdom Of Style

I think I have used cactus in my latest order. I can't recall, but I do remember thinking it was a lush colour. China doll is the perfect shade of red and I love that you opted for velvet trim. That'll be gorgeous!


How tall are you? and what size do you usually wear in regular clothes? I want to get the Alicia but I don't know if I should get a M or L.

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