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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Kingdom Of Style

That flat was such a shithole but what great times we had in there. I remember when I moved from the cupboard into a proper room and Derek came and laid my carpet and helped me decorate. And remember my bed made from palettes we nicked from the print factory?! Bloody genius. Then I set up my decks and it was party central from there. A wee dance at the Art School then at 2am head to the Sub for the rest. Happy days *sigh*.

Kingdom Of Style

If I close my eyes I can see and hear you at the decks right now!
It actually makes me feel quite emotional thinking about that flat and your wee cupboard
*sigh* indeed.
At least when we are old we will have lots to look back on and laugh about!
Love you Queenie

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah just before we top ourselves in the coal cellar because we can't afford to get our hips replaced on the privatised NHS, lol!
Love you too hen! xx

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