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Monday, 22 September 2014



You can never have too many jumpsuits. I've never yet seen such successful pairing of hair roots, glasses and cheesy grin.
Maybe it'll be easier for you to decide about cutting hair yes or no, if you would share the inspiration with us. It'll be easier for Marie too!

Kingdom Of Style

I dare not even talk loud of hair cuts, lest Marie and Barry throttle me! If I do cut my hair, I will need to do so without telling them!

Kingdom Of Style

Listen to Dust.
Share first, then think!
DO NOT cut without talking to anyone first.
We just can't handle the fall out ( or should that be cut out) that follows!!!!!

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

ps - how the hell do you get into that jumpsuit.
I've been staring at it for the last five minutes trying to figure it out???

Kingdom Of Style

It zips up the back ya daftie!


I love this look on you! Jumpsuits are truly amazing. And please don't cut your hair, it's gorgeous.


I think that only you with your amazing stretching powers can reach that zip in the back on time. We ordinary stiff people forever need assistance.

Kingdom Of Style

Desperately trying to resist Anna, desperately trying to resist!


Cut it.


I haven't been on your blog for ages (blame the non-existent canadian "summer" that didnt happen this year), but I was happy to check it out today & see you looking so lovely in your jumpsuit outfit - fantastic! Oddly, when I saw the first picture I thought you HAD cut your hair, & I had been away for so long I had missed it. It would look great that length, but (unasked-for opinion coming up...) i think you look more original & exotic with your longer hair! (LOVE the sunglasses on you., too.)

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