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Friday, 15 August 2014



The "red telephone" hotline between Washington and Moscow and Cold War were reality at that time. I often painted mushroom clouds and wondered who will be faster to pull the trigger and cried when Regan and Gorbachev signed finally signed a treaty.

Remembering fashion shows from 25 years ago is an advantage! I remember wearing culottes in high school with brogues and black&white stripy overknees, and I remember how I disliked mules back in beginning of the 90's. Seeing kids today getting excited about the things like crop tops for the first time is pure fun. I love how it all looks fresh and new to them!

Seeing a new dawn of Cold War appearing is bad news, we don't need that sort of revival. So, peace!

Atelier Jen

I remember everybody laughing at the "duck and cover" advice in those ads. The 70's left me with a permanent aversion to anything brown or orange.


Minor point but the Protect and Survive ads were prepared but never actually shown on TV. They also prepared a series of radio ads, and 4-page newspaper ads. But the only bit of the campaign that was ever made public was the booklet, which was (rightly) laughed at.

Kingdom Of Style

They weren't shown in the 70's but were in the 80's (could have been part of documentary perhaps?) and given nuclear war was still a risk, as far as we knew, it was scary as he'll seeing them as a kid. The final straw came when The Day After was shown on TV. My mum found me in my bed, crying my eyes out saying, "I don't want there to be a nuclear war!" A tough concern for a 10 year old!

Kingdom Of Style

Yes, everything about the advice was absurd. The bit where they suggest you find a ditch or a hole and cover your arms and head was especially priceless!

Kingdom Of Style

Obviously looking back there was no real risk of nuclear war, but at the time it felt very real. The media, being the media, scare-mongered at every opportunity.


Can't believe I'm saying this, but these adverts are far more useless than anything that was served to us in Eastern Europe.


I actually bought the DVD of Threads years ago as a birthday present for my husband. We both lived through that era and I always remember being afraid that we were all going to die in a nuclear holocaust.

Of course, as you can well imagine, we watched the film, then sat there for ages in stunned silence. I never want to watch it ever again, but I truly believe that everyone should watch it at least once in their lives (especially those in charge who hold the power of life and death over us!)


Reading this a bit late, but remember vividly.
The 70s powercuts were kind of fun as a kid, white candles on saucers all over the house. My mum and dad even got one of those ornamental paraffin lamps, and it was needed for real a few times! Interestingly, although things were really hard, inequality statistics are way worse now!
Yeah the nuclear stuff terrified me, many sleepless nights. Just to add to it we got a few things in high school (early 80s), poems and books including one that was made into a film with Anthony Andrews which I can never remember the name of!

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