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Wednesday, 20 August 2014



I wonder how the balletwear would look like if it was cut for poses like this and not normal relaxed pose.

Kingdom Of Style

Short ballet skirts really come to life in poses like this. They look like petals

nicola lynde

I'm been such a slouch all summer and with classes starting in 2 weeks I thought I better get back in shape. Which led to be do the most illogical thing possible, cross fit. I honestly feel as though I've been run over by a truckā€¦definitely will not being attending that again, but am going to strap on my pointe and try and get back in shape by more comfortable means.


I'm desperate to start doing these classes but just feel that I'm too fat
and unfitšŸ˜£! I live in Glasgow and keep looking at Dance HQ
website but haven't had the confidence to make a move
and come to class. I need to sort it out!

Kingdom Of Style

PLEASE do not too feel fat or unfit for these classes! We get all shapes, ages and sizes in class. It's honestly for everyone. You are allowed to take class at entirely your own pace. The more flexible among us get different exercises, or slightly modified versions.
Believe me, I know how much courage it takes to start a new class, but I'm there and I can chum you! Please do it, because you'll really enjoy it once you get going. Honestly, they are not intimidating at all. You'll get lots out of it. Please come and try once at least? I can meet you first and you can come with me if it makes you feel better?


Thank you for the kind words dollšŸ˜Š. So nice
of you to offer! I'll let you know what I'm
going to do!
Actually just walked past you on Buchanan
St but didn't want to be like a creepy
stalker and come over!

Kingdom Of Style

Do let me know what you wish to do. I can honestly meet you and take you with me and it won't be as scary.
Just as well you didn't come over and say hi though - it might have been a bit awkward as it wasn't me! I've not left my seat all day!

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