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Monday, 25 August 2014


becky | accooohtrements blog

i know i said this on instagram but he really is absolutely wonderful! i'd be so thrilled if someone gave me that & even more so knowing they'd made him just for me.


Adorable! It's also bigger than I imagined. Lucky Queen Marie!


You're a lday of many talents Queen Michelle!


Wonderful! I'm sure she'll love it!

I've now just bought my stepmum and mum-in-law one of those kits each from etsy as they love making things. I might even be tempted to try one myself.

Kingdom Of Style

I highly recommend it Susan. It's really enjoyable. I'm just decided what to create next!


This is amazing! Wow! xx

Atelier Jen

He is adorable!


What a lovely friend you are- such a sweet gift!



Kingdom Of Style

As Tanja said, Queen Michelle is indeed a lady of many talents!!!
I was completely blown away by this little guy, he is so perfect in every way. I was actually rendered speechless ( which doesn't happen very often), there were also tears ( which happens much more often)
I honestly can't imagine how she was able to even start doing this.
His little bell and ribbon just make him even more adorable.
Thank you again Queenie and for my delicious cake too

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

I can't even talk about the cake. It was just wrong. It was the food colouring that ruined it because it gave the buttercream icing a weird, horrible flavour. I shouldn't have tried to make up my own cake. I'm a cake amateur. It was too soon.

Kingdom Of Style

Not at all. It was yummy!
You just always set yourself such high standards.
Hell, you could give Marry Berry a run for her money if
you decide you are going to start making up your own cakes.
And let's be honest, you could NEVER make too many practice cakes.

Queen Marie

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