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Monday, 07 July 2014



You're crazy - this looks absolutely fabulous to me, and absolutely not boring! :)


Excellent boots!!! I really love this outfit and agree it's not boring at all. All black is just as interesting as colour when you layer up textures and accessories as you've done here! xx


I'm a big fan of black too and i think your choices make the whole thing super special and faaaaaaar from the boring summery/flowery style everybody is wearing right now. Hurray for black wearers in summer!!


Black is not trendy for summer, especially the season like this one that forces florals and white. Love black on bare legs! I don't know why do you think we expect 5 prints and colors from you. Over the years, you went through so many phases and not all of them were colorful.

I personally find black "cleaner" and more minimalistic than white. And not because white gets dirty easier, but because of contrast with pale skin. On its best, white can make me feel and look like I'm one of the sperm extras from Woody Allen's Everything you wanted to know about sex, or like retired bourgeois yacht lady wannabe on its worst. Black is much more versatile and effective.


I think putting together all black looks takes more effort than colorful ones, because you need to layer smartly and whatnot, whereas colour/print pieces are often stand alone and ready to go. I prefer your all black looks, for what it's worth!


You’re doing a damn good job of proving that black doesn't have to be boring, no zzzzzzzz here.

Kingdom Of Style

I agree with Steff that layering up black really makes it interesting. Sadly, I'm not even doing that!


I'm stuck in the same style state of mind, so actually find your outfit posts quite comforting!

The boots <3... oh damn those boots.... :'(

Kingdom Of Style

Glad you like it, there are more black outfits to come xx


Absolutely LOVE your neon, geometric-print bag! And you said you have no color inspiration? This bag is amazing! We love the lace as well!


Loving the black. It's really inspired me yet again and I have also slipped back in time (25yrs) and loving in. Not boring at all. More please x


Personally, I'm fucking sick of the tiny denim shorts and the tan legs (I know EXACTLY who you are talking about!). I much prefer the boots styled like this.

Kingdom Of Style

Pale old lady legs all the way!


Black is wonderful. P
Ease don't appologise. I too am enjoying black this summer.

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