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Monday, 16 June 2014



Looks totally awesome!
Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
XoXo Venoma


When you showed me designs I imagined the top one smaller. Real size looks much better than what my feeble imagination could produce. Did your quest for jeans yield any satisfactory results?

Kingdom Of Style

I bought some BLKDNM jeans and they should arrive tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed they will fit! In reality, I'm not hopeful.


It's jeans's fault if they don't fit, not yours!Fingers crossed!


You look like a bad mama-jama! Love it!


I freaking adore the jacket Michelle! Looks great. What was the name of the custom patch place?

Kingdom Of Style

Glad you like it, Alex. It kinda bombed for everyone else lol! I got that middle patch made here;
They aren't cheap - mine cost £40!

The rocker I had made from this shop:


I didn't realise you'd designed them yourself-they rock. Also love the vintage denim. Gorge and badass indeed.


Fantastic, made me think of this

Kingdom Of Style

I'm soooo chuffed you totally got the 60's reference! It's specifically 60's bikers that's inspired me. Back then, the San Bernardino chapter of the Hells Angels had a few patched women members and they were badass!

Kingdom Of Style

I'm totally with Dust, these look so much better than I could have imagined and the shots are super atmospheric.
They do look totally badass. Doubt anyone would try to stub out a ciggy on you if you had this on!!!!

Queen Marie

ps - hooray finally got the comment box to work properly. I've been having problems all week!

Kingdom Of Style

Hahahahaha no biker will stub his fag out on my arse crack!

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