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Friday, 06 June 2014



when i saw this campaign i thought of it as a big insolence because there were not only those really bad photos, but there was also this video
included, which makes everything worse because even us adult ballet beginners know how to use and move our bodies in ballet. this girl doesn't so why is she telling stuff like that? why such a video? it is embarrassing and would somehow be kinda hilarious if it was in another context. ballet isn't that easy. you can't fake it. i love it but it's damn hard work. fp actually had a little, featered campaign with real dancers not long after that

but this post is excellently placed in this categorie: "off with their heads!"

Kingdom Of Style

Oh good lord that video! I can't unsee that horror.


I saw this video 2 weeks ago and thought of sending you the link. There are also blog posts on their blog that feature real dancers, like that second link from Lola, so it's really double tragedy that they knew and worked with professionals, but chose fashion model for the campaign.
Under Armour did a great job with Misty, right?

Kingdom Of Style

It's dismaying that they still chose to use this shoot rather than a real dancer. It's insulting to the artform. They really should have just made it about dance in general, rather than focus on ballet. Especially ballet en pointe, which in itself requires the dancer to be at a very specific period in her training. Dance is for everyone, but pointe most definitely is not. If this girl was a dancer, she would never ever be en pointe with those feet and that terrible technique.

Kingdom Of Style

And if they'd used Misty or someone like her, holy crap it would have been incredible!


You are right that it should have been simply about dance. One positive thing about the video, the fact that they used model of color, has been lost in whole ballet debate.

Misty looks amazing on every single picture, not just these. She doesn't have a classic look, like you said before, I think that is exactly what makes her so interesting.

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

All I can say is OUCH! Yipes and that video! XXX

nicola lynde

I saw the video a couple weeks ago and took it as a mixture of ignorance and disrespect from Free People's side. They didn't necessarily need to use real ballerinas for the campaign (although why not? there are plenty of girls out there who are both dancers and would love to score that gig) but if they were going to pick a model they should have ceased with the long-winded bull shit bio video. And they should have ditched the pointe shoes and pliés…The fact that they didn't see the issue with any of that is downright insulting to their (presumable) end consumer, the dancer.

Kingdom Of Style

Exactly, eluding to ballet would have been absolutely fine and still got the message over that it's about ballet. The video actually looked like a spoof, except I know it wasn't.




"They should have merely eluded to ballet rather than being so literal and getting it badly wrong."
... I think you mean alluded.

Kingdom Of Style

The spelling mistake WAS after all the most crucial aspect of this piece.

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