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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Kingdom Of Style

What a wonderful competition.
I always think the most difficult thing is choosing which bag to like the most!!!!!

Queen Marie

Bike Pretty

UK only?

Kingdom Of Style

Not at all - open to everyone!


Hey Queen Michelle, do we leave our comment here on the blog or on the instagram account of Rhodesian of Edinburgh?

Kingdom Of Style

No you comment on their twitter / Facebook or Instagram account x


This is such awonderful competition! Rhodesian's bags are classic and chic! It will be a tough decision to choose just one favorite!

Kay Menick

Perfect Rhodesian has to be two-tone, and then just big enough for a hardcover book... (And I'll figure out some way to attach it to my bike rack.)

I've followed them on Twitter & after much deliberation I've narrowed my favourite down to the Lucca in Emerald Green, with a shoulder strap & a bit of embossing :)

What a lovely company & what a lovely competition!

Lauren Loves (@laurenlovesblog)

I'm raffling off a Rhodesian satchel to raise money for my Marie Curie 10 k walk after they looked after my grandparents. They have kindly donated a pale blue small satchel - all you do is pay £2.50 for a strip of tickets and you could win a satchel!

Enter here

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