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Thursday, 15 May 2014



My attraction toward pointy shoes comes and goes, but lately they speak to me again. Only, always with substantial heel. I like kitten heels sometimes, but stiletto heel always feels crippling and looks too stereotypically feminine. I like the playfulness on Sophia's designs and wish she'd make more different silhouettes, not just the "sitting" or "indoor" shoes, so that we can enjoy them more.

Kingdom Of Style

Dust I don't think I've seen many really pointy toes with substantial heels?
I must keep my eyes peeled for some...

Queen Marie


They are hard to find and cost a kidney per default. Last ones that stole my heart were those ACNE oxfords, far cry from daintiness, but pointy nonetheless. There is usually nothing in between, it's just boots or killer heels.

This is a public appeal: more variety of pointy shoes, please!

Last time I publicly appealed was here on KOS and my wish to get affordable version of A. Wang pointy beige shoes with white sole was granted, so, who knows....

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