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Friday, 30 May 2014



make a circle of rope/chain, close the clutch over one edge of the circle (shoulder bag)

or, make a circle of rope/chain, close the clutch over two edges of the circle, loop one end of the through the other (wristlet) x


We absolutely LOVE Klear Klutch! Granted they don't hold very many things, but they are such a great conversation piece.


You could do a grommet and chain if the plastic is thick enough.

A Pair and a Spare made one of these a while back and sells a kit - if you're crafty like that. Unfortunately hers also does not have a strap - but it's a bit larger.


We just ordered the pink, hologram Klear Klutch and we absollutely cannot wait to receive it!


Could punch a hole in each top corner then jump ring a chain to it ;)

Kingdom Of Style

Oh a jump ring is a good idea. Even I could manage that!

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