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Monday, 12 May 2014



I love this outfit post, and those boots!

My dad had a motorbike too, I'll never forget going out on it with him, it was the best feeling. When I turned sixteen, he told me he wasn't going to ask me any of the ordinary 'overprotective-dad' demands: just that I'd never ever ride pillion on the back of a motorbike with somebody who I hadn't known and trusted for a very long time. I always wanted a motorbike over a car, but now my dad's hard-of-hearing because of the commute he used to make on his bike without earplugs and that's put me off ever getting one (besides, even since I was a kid roads are so much busier, I'd only ever consider it if I lived somewhere with quieter roads) but I do really miss those days of riding on the back of a bike. xx

Kingdom Of Style

My dad stop riding not long before he passed away, so thankfully he never suffered bad hearing.
I hate bikes with really loud pipes but in reality it's actually safer as cars and pedestrians crossing the road can hear the bike coming. The downside is of course the potential hearing damage. Good advice from your dad xx


I like bikes only from the safe distance, they scare the bjesus out of me.
You look great in jeans! That perky behind deserves its own bike!

Kingdom Of Style

Haha thank you! My ass is bigger than its ever been so I usually keep it covered at all times, but a long t-shirt just didn't work with these jackets unfortunately.


Love this look - true rock chick!

The boots are to die for too.

A Forte For Fashion




Since when did you wear jeans? I've been reading this blog for about 6 years and i swear it's the first time I've ever seen you in jeans.

Eric Draven

You look pretty awesome in jeans. Don't be too hard on yourself queenie!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah I don't wear jeans often. If I do wear them it's usually when I'm feeling uninspired or when I'm not feeling so great about myself.


Best boots everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Mate you look so badass I love it!

Kingdom Of Style

Cheers Tanya! x


Nice story to go with a great outfit, thanks for sharing!

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