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Friday, 16 May 2014



Maybe you might be interested in hearing this ... Maxime B├╝chi opened up his own studio in London last year, Sang Bleu London. No need to go to New York! :)

Kingdom Of Style

Weeeeeell funnily enough, Carrie from Wish Wish Wish just let me know that on Twitter! I'm pretty excited as London I can do!


These are just beautiful. There's so much inkspiration out there lately, I'm very much craving some new body art. Look forward to seeing yours! xx


It's beautiful work, but I went to the website and found a few things very irksome. First of all, they began in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and cite "maritime" influences: this explains why every bearded Tom, Dick and Harry is walking around Williamsburg and Greenpoint with swallows on their necks and hands. I reiterate: it is beautiful work. But if you actually went to NYC you would see what a massive fashion fad these kinds of tattoos are. It's actually progressed to ridiculous proportions. See the wonderful Sister Wolf's "Douche of the Week" features for further evidence!

Secondly, I suppose this is rather minor, but I hate the way they make careful note of the fact that MXM was born in Switzerland. Again, the subtlety of this signifier might be lost on someone who doesn't have the misfortune to live in the US (I am not American, but I live there). Basically, it's just gratuitous pretension; if the dude was "born in Kansas" or some other American city they wouldn't have mentioned it. They are counting on Americans being impressed by that little marker of Olde World "authenticity." I find it bloody nauseating.

I think these guys are thew Goop of the tattoo world. Sorry! Objectively, the artwork is beautiful, but I guarantee if you lived around these here parts you'd be inoculated against its charms!

Kingdom Of Style

For me, it's all about the artwork. As a graphic designer myself, I am and always will be entirely drawn to tattoos which look like something I would create in a piece of design work, if that makes sense.
But I do agree with your dislike of those maritime style tattoos on bearded boys. We are increasingly seeing that over here too - the tattoos and the beards. It's not personally my cup of tea, which is why I prefer the kind of work shown in this post, which is heavily influenced by design rather than those inking traditions.
When I create design, I like to mix something natural, free flowing with something opposing and harder, so these tattoos are perfect for me. Alas, I cannot draw worth a fuck, so will have to leave the organic part to the artist!


I like the second to last one, the one on the girl with Y-3 shirt. It speaks to scientist in me. My favorite tattoo artist is in Berlin and makes very heavy and dense graphic work, almost like it's etched into skin. Never liked figurative designs, but that is thing with tattoos, it's very personal. I also like tattoos that refer to technique and form of art itself, let's call it post-modernist approach. Might sound too serious but I'd like something cute, that looks like it's cross-stitched on my skin, for example.

Tomorrow, I order the Sun to shine the best it can, it's happy Queen's day!

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope its wonderful & brings fabulous things into your life in coming year! Second, boo. A friend of my sister's (and I met him once, actually may be responsible for him giving up regular uni & attending art school, long story I was sworn to never tell!) an artist and tattooist was in London just at the beginning of the month promoting his book & doing tattoos. Fantastic work, he's def doing my next two! His name is Joseph Ari Aloi (or goes by JK5) if you want to look him up on FB or the internet. I'm in complete awe of one tattoo he did of a skull on a guys knuckle, so detailed & tiny! Good luck with yours! XXX

Kingdom Of Style

Hey missus! Thank you so much! Birthday is tomorrow.
I shall Google Joseph Ari Aloi right now! xx


Nice tats!

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

I might have screwed up, it might be J5K he goes by, but his name will come up if you google. And double cool that you'll get inked right on your birthday! Anyway if you come to NY we can get inked together! (oh how I wish!) XXX <3


Loved this post. I find there's something quite special about the relationship between tattooer and the tattooeee! I trust one person and one person only with my body and a needle and it isn't my GP! If my tattooist moved to France I wouldn't think twice about flying over there to get a tattoo done. When you trust someone you trust someone! loved the photos! xx


This work reminds me of a Polish based tattooer called Kamil Czapiga. Check out his work on Still not really close by but would still be a cheaper trip than NY.

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