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Wednesday, 02 April 2014



Is there a possibility that a few of you could get together and organise private lessons where all you do is learn specific variations? If it's something you really want to do, it might be possible to make it happen...?

Kingdom Of Style

Unfortunately that wouldn't be possible as our teachers have other teaching jobs.


And obviously you also have a day job you say, it's a completely different experience to being able to dance in a studio several hours a day. But you do seem to be doing amazingly well which takes some serious dedication. It gave me hope enough to start which I'd been thinking about for years. My dad rocked up last night with some boxes of my old stuff from the attic. In it were my old ballet exam notes which are hilarious. I'm still mal-coordinated but more confident now than when I was ten and more accepting of making mistakes. It's brutal tho - I'm a perfectionist. It's interesting and encouraging to read how you're doing four (?) years down the line. Also thinking about how far the recreational dancer can go.


Does seem though, like there'd be demand for such a class if a teacher or new teacher wanted to begin one. It could be for a set period so that people sign up and commit eg 6 weeks course learning a, b, and c variations, with no drop ins and then the teachers don't lose out because it's paid for upfront.

But I understand the complications of scheduling not only teachers, but also training space, students etc! My contortion teacher does a lot of private 1 on 1s but of course they get cancelled if she has a gig.

Anyway, love this post. Dancing rocks. :) x

Kingdom Of Style

Rowena, it's interesting you mention how brutal it is, especially being a perfectionist. I too am a perfectionist, when it comes to the things I care about, and I think a lot of my struggles with ballet comes from that - seeing myself do things badly or wrongly genuinely stresses me out. Non-perfectionists are able to just enjoy the process as they don't set as high standards for themselves.

Learning ballet is hard and there are no quick solutions as ultimately we are dictated to by our own bodies and it's limitations and have little or no control over that.

Also, as a creative, my brain finds it hard to learn combinations anyway, as I daydream even when I'm meant to be focused. I can't help it. But physically ballet suits my body, and dancing a variation is perfect for a dreamer as you can imagine yourself easily as the character. Unfortunately that can only happen when a variation is actually learned.

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