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Monday, 03 February 2014


Kingdom Of Style

Oh I'd love to see this. Glad Trent wasn't a dick! x


Yay, I loved this! I think it's still on iPlayer...

Dave Grohl is just such a Mensch. I loved his little confused face when Rupert Neve was explaining to him how the Neve console worked. A case of never meet your idols?

It also gave a really nice sense that musicians aren't 'cool people', and making music isn't about 'hanging out and being cool', it's about creating beautiful sounds that make you and your listeners happy. I loved everything all the musicians they interviewed said about how important it was to create a sound for the listeners, the fans, to enjoy. I'm going to dig out all my Sound City recorded albums when I can find the right box...


Timely advice, I'm desperate to see something human and uplifting.

Michelle - about Trent, wife&child broke him in!

Kingdom Of Style

I'm seeing NIN play in May and I can't wait.

michael c

One of my films of 2013, like the return of vinyl records Sound city puts a great argument that analogue recording still has a place. The full soundtrack album is superb.


This looks soooo good!


Seeing NIN too! In Nottingham.


Josh Homme, what's not to like? As Brodie Dalle said a red headed Elvis.

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