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Wednesday, 19 February 2014



Typical Grenson, but then with white soles. That simple, shiny tipped blue ones are so pretty, it would be hard not to love them forever. I think white soles make shoes look so fresh and instantly cool, that I can't imagine ever getting bored of them.
One pair of these and one pair of those before mentioned Acne ones, and we'd be sorted!


I am with Dust, if I am going to pay that price for a pair of shoes let them stand out in a crowd and shine. Well, as long as they don´t oveshine me, Jjajajjaja.
They are gorgeousssssssssssssssssssssssss


Aren't doc martens nearly all Goodyear welted? They have a nice collecetion of brogues and oxfords in all sorts of styles. Of course, while the welting might last an age, unless you're buying the made in England kind, the upper will probably fail within five years, either by cracking or stitching going wrong or whatever. bit they'll be cheaper and lend themselves better to a whimsical purchase.




..I just realised how condescending that comment sounded! D:
Didn't mean it that way, just as an alternative for the more broke among us.

Kingdom Of Style

I hate the soles on Docs, but I admit I haven't really looked to see if they now do alternative soles.

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