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Thursday, 20 February 2014



Oh my word.. these are so beautiful! The photos I love just as much as the pieces.

The old photos are great, too.. do you still have that Metallica T-shirt? xx

Kingdom Of Style

Yes....and no. I do have this t-shirt and it is an original from '85 but it's not this actual one x

Kingdom Of Style

How happy do you look here.
That brought a wee tear to my eye, I'm filling up over here...
Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

I was a happy wee soul! x



Kingdom Of Style



there never was or will be, any other way.


it's always fantastic reading about someone's introduction to the dark side.
metal forever!


what a beautiful post! i can totally relate to this, i am also drawn to labels which speak to my inner goth/metal teenage self; i had some phases where i tried to wear colourful stuff, but in the end, it doesn't feel that right and i always return to wearing black and grey.

concerning goths, at least where i live, they almost disappeared from the streets. the bands i grew up with grew older, the audience grew older, but there seems to be no "young generation" anymore. sometimes i spot the odd emo kid, but i don't know, these don't count haha.

i could never wear these kind of lace dresses (and no leather hot pants for me), but i always love looking at beautiful lace - and this is some beautiful lace indeed!


love your super sweet intro and childhood pics in this post. thanks for sharing!


Hah, back in my day (God, that sounds ridiculous doesn't it) - "alternative" was the catch all phrase for mall rats, lurckers around the skate park and cockburn street shoppers. Obviously there were all the different strains - goth, mosher, metal head, emo, punk etc etc. Subcultures don't really seem to evolve and there is some sort of comfort in that. I like(d) the belonging, the music, the clothes, the people and everything that comes up with it. Like wise there is a small part of my brain that still wants to wear black all day and wear all my eye liner at once but still think there's always going to be that "alternative" edge to anything I wear. I think comitting to purple hair and tattoos has swiftly prevented me from ever looking polished. Also you are super cute as a red head! You look so different!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah my tattoos do prevent me from looking polished also. In fact, when I had my very long hair, I cut it off because I felt it made everything I wear look 'alternative'. With the tattoos and the hair it was all a bit much. Obviously I'm fine with it now as I'm growing my hair long again but it was frustrating at the time.
Ah yes my red head years. I was red headed through 14 - 16. I did suit it but it was a lot of upkeep, especially with my natural hair being as dark as it is x

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