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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Kingdom Of Style

The only scents for me, so far, that have not been a heist have been from Kilian and anything I have from Chanel.
The beauty industry has been been ripping us off for year, such as using fake lashes in mascara adverts, to name one. It's pretty disgusting and there seems little we can do about it. Swines!


Beauty industry is the worst, counting on us being ignorant, uneducated fools incapable of understanding ingredients lists. I usually simply boycott the brands and products if I feel they treat me like I'm a moron.

I am not much a scent person and now understand why almost all my purchases, except for one, now discontinued, ended up with disappointment. If I would have the nose and the knowledge of you girls, I'd DIY one, there is a mass of sites that offer raw ingredients and mass of boards and forums that are very helpful.

Flakie P

Thank you so much for posting this, i ALWAYS thought i was crazy and that my natural paranoia was misleading me on that topic. It happened to me so many times i actually thaught the ladys at the perfume counters were selling me the old bottles they new were evaporated!!!!


Swines, indeed!


I do not live in the UK, but would expect that this should be brought to the attention of fair trading/trade practices or whatever bureau deals with misleading & deceptive conduct (that's a branch of law, but may have a slightly different name for you). Particularly if your friend would be willing to give some (possibly anonymous) evidence. Or I guess the government department could simply get a chemical analysis.


Thank you for proving that its not just me who suffers from the vanishing fragrance once I'd parted with my cash.

slight side note: Jo Malone Incense and Embers candle is the closest I've come to church at home.


So glad someone else has noticed! The first bottle of Tom Ford I bought (right when Black Orchid first came out) was amazing, and I put 2 squirts on before work in the morning and I'd still get compliments after dinner. The next bottle I bought, the smell didn't even make it from my home to the office. Obviously I had been accidentally sold a tester bottle. Explains a lot. It is such a shame, I love Serge Lutens but it costs so much as you have to spray it on about 6 times a day just to smell anything.
It does seem like an issue for consumer rights!

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you!
Just as we suspected there are lots of us out there who have been thinking the same thing.
I've never made my own perfume, but thanks to Dust's suggestion, I might honestly give it a go.
Watch this space....

Queen Marie


I thought it was just me!!
Noticed it on Guerlain testers in shops and subsequent buys. I did once email Les Senteurs and asked what 'strength' their testers were, I thought I'd asked a stupid question when I didn't get a reply....

Marijke Lambrechts

I LOVE patchouli!
Very long lasting fragrances are Rose 31 Le Labo, Hindu Grass (Patchouli) Nasomatto, Clemency Humiecki & Graef

Kingdom Of Style

Nope, it's not just you! It's been a rip off this whole time.
Who would buy perfume if the testers contained the real perfume with the strength you'll actually get when you buy it? No-one, that's who.

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