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Friday, 17 January 2014



Well put.

It's a sad collection and a sad attempt to get into wider spectrum of customers wallets. Ugh.

Kingdom Of Style

Sorry but I kind of disagree.
People looking for fun, quirky or different clothing don't expect to find it in Mango, regardless of size, because that's just not what they do. It's not as if the mainline collection is filled with unique or joyous clothing, because it's not - it's exactly what you see here, only smaller. Your typical Mango customer go there for functional, simple clothing, usually for work and, to me, this is simply the plus sized version of what's in the shop already. The plus size ranges need to reflect the aesthetic of the shop as a whole.
No-one goes into Zara expecting to see Meadham Kirchhoff style dresses, so why would you expect to go into Mango and expect anything other their usual dull, drab clothing, except bigger?

Case in point: same crappy porridge cardigan in standard sizes:

Awfully baggy cut trousers:

Same crap, different sizes.

I think the actual issue is that the shops that DO create fun, quirky and original clothing don't do plus ranges or bigger sizes in general. If Topshop, for example, simply created all their clothes up to a size 20 or so, then that would give everyone the same choice.

Cyrena Monique

Can't believe they're starting from a size 12! The lace back dress and leather/leopard ensemble are not so bad, but the rest needs to go back to the cutting room floor! Not cool. C x


Jesus Christ, that knitwear is DISGUSTING!!

I remember when the announcement came out-- I loved their logline and that image of the lace dress. I thought it might be very va-va-voom Joan from Mad Men. Instead it's pre-school teacher clothes. Shit. The message this sends is: larger women are ashamed (and should be) of their bodies and want to cover up.


As a plus size lady, I was so disappointed by the line. Not that it ships to Australia. But really, with plus sizes there is just so much drab coloured, oversized things. I can understand them wanting to appeal to a 'mass market', but it would have been nice to see a bit more colour at least!


Is 12 plus size now. wtf!!


On a slightly different note, I've noticed Zara, Kooples and sometimes Cos - and no doubt many others, don't think we should have breasts and don't seem to cater for anyone with lady lumps. Tedious.


All the big stores bore me to tears anyway. As soon as I get into one, say Mango, say Zara, etc; my mind just goes blank. Quite the opposite to what I feel as I approach a flea market, charity shop ( the really old fashion type, not the onces with everything by colours, arrrrrrrrrrrrr) jumble, car boot sale... It is really inspiring to ramage and find colours, shapes, textures in your fingers. Uniqueness at the right price for all to share.


Since when is 12 a plus size?? Jesus christ.

also, Fayzer: I'm a HH cup and COS seems to be the only store where dresses actually fit my boobs AND my waist. Not all dresses (shirt dresses are a no-go because of peekaboob issues) but most of them anyway.


The trousers are a joke, surely?


Vile, vile trousers and jeans.. uugh.
Even the model can't make those look good.
And size 12- that's not UK size, is it? If so, it's ridiculously small!
In the US a size 12 or 14 is usually the beginning of plus sizing.. but of course the models they use are a size 10 and 6' tall..

Kingdom Of Style

Fair point Queenie - Top Shop could show them a thing or two!

AnneMarie - "disgusting" is exactly the word that went through my head!!!

Fayzer - "lady lumps" - that brought a smile to my face...

Luiza - we love a bit of cos here in The Kingdom. Good design, well made!

Rowena - oh if only they were a joke! I actually had a nightmare about these trousers last night. I was wearing them in the sub club and everyone was pointing and laughing at me. I was so glad to wake up and see I was wearing my tartan jammmies...

Queen Marie

Sophisticated Lace

Mango has been boring for a while though. I went into their shop in NYC when I was visiting last year, expecting to be in awe of feathery and random fur goodness and other awesomeness I always saw in Europe when I stepped in, but I literally did not see a single piece that sparked any interest. I'm not surprised at all that the plus size line is so boring too. It's too bad, I think they used to be my high-street favorites after TopShop.

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